P1014 - Plus Size, Solid Knit Bodycon Long Sleeves and a cowl neck Sexy Dress - P1014-PDRESS

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  • GIVE YOUR BUTT A BOOST: Our butt lifter shorts will amplify your sexy shape. The butt lifting shorts are great additions to your wardrobe since they can be worn with most kinds of clothing. Don’t allow your butt to drag you down; get our Plus / Junior Size premium stretch booty shorts to instantly give your butt a boost. The excellent construction on these bum lifter shorts will smooth your tummy and also project your personal style.
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRIC: The fabric used in these bum lifter shorts makes them an ideal option. The fabric used gives you the enhancement desired. The stretchy fabric enables the butt lifting shorts to remain as new irrespective of how often you wear them. Our sexy shorts for women also feature unique design that makes them suitable for your daily activities. The bum lifter shorts will boost your rear by making it look round and natural.
  • TRENDY STYLE: Our butt lifter shorts will portray your unique, fabulous fashion style. These stretchy booty shorts are made from highly comfortable fabrics that will take you through morning, noon and night. They are not too short but with sexy lengths. Their flawless lines keep them sleek and simple for the perfect butt-boosting outfit.
  • NATURAL BUTT LIFT: The secret to our sexy shorts for women lies in the expert butt lifting power of the fabrics. The engineering feat of these shorts will give your booty a sexier, rounder and well-defined shape without going through the stress of visiting the gym. Our shorts are designed with body-shaping patterns that will enhance your figure and create a butt lifting shape.
  • COMFORTABLE: Our butt lifter Bermudas pants are soft, smooth and stretchy. The breathability and durable strength of the fabric give our shorts and pants the classic look, comfort and style that you desire. These bermudas pair well with almost everything thereby ensuring that you never go out of style. They are available in different sizes that will fit your body properly without compromising your comfort.


    ButtLift Sexy Shorts, Butt Lifter Shorts for Women, Lightweight Capri Pants and Bermudas Pants Get an instant perky butt with our premium stretch booty shorts! Fashion2Love`s Plus & Junior Size Collection We created our sexy booty shorts to give women what they’ve been looking for a perky butt without any harm. They are uniquely designed to raise and firm your butt. Wearing these butt lifter shorts will help your skin and muscles to retain their strength while also helping your body to maintain its true curves. Enhance your butt workout results by shaping and nurturing your curves with these sexy booty shorts. The shorts fit well to your body and sculpt your curves each time you wear them. They provide the right amount of compression that is needed to carve out the booty you dream of. While the shorts provide great compression,they also make you feel comfortable at the same time. They help to work your tummy while enhancing your butt. These comfy bum lifter shorts will give you the opportunity to wear pants without bothering about how you feel. They are smooth and soft on the skin; you won’t feel like taking them off. Apart from our sexy shorts for women, Fashion2Love’sbold collection of clothing also includes Bermudas and Capri pants. They are lightweight easy to care for. They are made from quick-drying and wrinkle-resistant fabric. They are uniquely crafted to maintain the highest level of comfort without affecting your look, style and quality. Click the “ADD TO CART” button to place your order!

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